Featureflash specializes in red carpet photographs of the top stars from the world of entertainment.

Founded in 1982 by British photographer Paul Smith, Featureflash is a major supplier of showbusiness pictures to newspapers, magazines and internet publications worldwide.

Established on Fleet Street - the former heart of the UK newspaper industry - Featureflash was one of the pioneers in the digital transmission of photos. Now the company uses the latest computer technology to transmit pictures around the world.

Featureflash is a recipient of the Computerworld Smithsonian Award in Media, Arts & Entertainment.

In 1991, Paul Smith opened the Los Angeles office of Featureflash. Thousands of his photos have been placed throughout the world in a wide variety of publications. Smith has covered hundreds of film premieres, awards shows and other entertainment events, including the Cannes Film Festival - the world's largest and most prestigious movie festival - every year since 1979.

Featureflash has agency representation in most countries. Please contact us via email for information about licensing any of our pictures. Alternatively, you may select images from our archive and price them online using our automated quote system. Prints and low-resolution downloads for personal use may also be purchased online.

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